Avani Environmental Intl. Inc. specializes in welding booths for the extraction and filtration of weld fume, smoke and pollution control Avani offers engineering services to design and manufacture custom welding booths at competitive prices. We design, manufacture, install, and provide services for our welding and environmental booths, making us a one-stop shop for outfitting of a new welding lab or facility.


Avani Environmental welcomes any and all potential projects and can produce 3-D concept drawings for your review within 48 hours. Welding fixtures, cutting tables, shelves, brackets, gas/air lines, electrical outlets, crane slots, and fixed or movable components are all our specialty. We can work with many constraints in mind such as height, width, depth, and any other relevant factors, or you can choose from any of our stock booths ranging from the very basic to a heavy-duty, premier welding station. Continue reading “About”

Applications: Welding, Cutting and Grinding

Manufactured to handle the toughest work environments, Avani Environmental’s welding booths exhibit the ease of low maintenance coupled with unequaled quality, specifications and performance. With a large array of options including welder shelves, work surfaces, lighting, fume arms, integral collectors, back-draft and updraft air flow, Avani provides welding booths designed for your industrial or education requirements.


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