Engineering & Design

Design, Drawing and Engineering


Avani focuses on the total welding cell solution. We provide AutoCAD drawings, 3-D concept layouts, recommendations, design and engineering services. Avani works closely with Architecture firms, design and build groups and outside engineering firms from the initial concept to the completed project. We are the manufacturer, so to customize the correct solution is one of our niches. Avani wants to know what your course consists of, number of booths required, current building configuration and structure, ceiling heights, available electrical voltages, ventilation preferred and overall look.

It is our goal to produce the best quality at a competitive price. We have booths, designs and solutions that will meet almost every budget. The regulations are always changing, so to protect your investment, let Avani recommend the product and design layout that will not only meet your current requirements, but future requirements as well.

Avani has worked with schools that can not expand and doubled the number of booths by offering a double decker system. Our booths are designed to meet each schools requirements from electrical to gas lines. No other company has taken the welding booth industry and turned it into a high end offering. Most competitors sell exclusively from a brochure and don’t like changes. Avani’s niche is customized products and services at brochure prices.

Avani also manufacturers fume arms, dust collectors, fans, downdraft tables, portable collectors and robotic welding systems.