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The WB-6000 is our Premier Welding Booth. The 6000 series comes standard with 1 1/2″ x 4″ (rectangular tubing) skeleton with 12 gauge dual panels as the shell. Two gas or compressed air lines and dual 110V outlets are built into the back draft panel terminated on top for easy connections. Booths can be placed side by side or back to back.

The WB-6000 series accommodates either a 3 hp collector for single booth or a 5 hp collector for double booth configurations.


  • Double panel wall construction: 12 gauge welding steel
  • Powder coated
  • Hinged back draft panel with adjustable slots
  • Explosion proof lights
  • Accommodates top mount collector or external collection
  • Electrical outlets (2)
  • Compressed air and gas connections
  • Fume arm inlets in ceiling (2 at 6" diameter)
  • Adjustable Rear Shelf
  • Adjustable welding curtain bracket
  • Side-to-side, back-to-back or stand alone installations
  • Custom sizes
  • Fume collector top-mountable
  • J Hooks
  • Welder shelf
  • Lazy Susan
  • 6" diameter x 7' length fume arms
  • VFD
  • WB-6055-S: 5' x 5' single booth
  • WB-6055-D: 5' x 5' double booth
  • WB-6066-S: 6' x 6' single booth
  • WB-6066-D: 6' x 6' double booth

Note: Booths share a common interior panel. Booths can be mounted back to back and/or side to side. Based on configuration will share common walls.